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“Sitting in the Door”, Big Box Retail Distribution Center – Cleburne, Texas, December 8

    No meandering narratives this time.  These are some of the pictures I promised.

bensonmoremountainsAbove:  Some Mountains.  By the way, these are sedimentary rock that were once at the bottom of an ocean.  While the land has been uplifted, there was also a drop in Sea Level that had nothing to do with Human activity.

bensonmountainsonthewayAbove:  Somewhat more majestic mountains

bensonsunsetAbove:  Sunset in Arizona

cactusstereotypicalAbove: while circling around to avoid Phoenix, these stereotypical cacti all aspire to be extras in a Roadrunner cartoon.


californiacutecarsAbove: Proud Uncle Peterbilt gives piggy-backs to his many cute little nephews

flagstaffsnow1Above:  Near Flagstaff, snow still hides on the shady side of the highway, despite the 50° temperature.  This is not far from the Continental Divide which is at 7275 feet of altitude on Interstate 40.

happycaptainselfiiebetterAbove:  The Captain enjoys a pleasant, scenic trip.


mountainroadgap3Above: Navigating the Gap


Above: Distant view of the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.  In the incident of “A Detour in Arizona”  that is where the radio told me to go to avoid the massive accident on I-40.  I chose a more Southerly route near Prescott.


Above:  Just for contrast, the Texas Panhandle

The next assignment will take me to Wyoming.  It is  34° F here in Cleburne, Texas.  No doubt this will be a whole new adventure.  Stay tuned.

Over the Road,


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