One Fact – Sunspots

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   The Sun is not a featureless orange disk.  At least, it is not yet.  But it will be soon and that will change things, here on Earth.


   It is a mistake to ignore the Sun, as any beach-goer who has fallen asleep can tell you.  To say that we take the Sun for granted is a big understatement.  People do not think much about the sun because they see it as constant and unchanging.  The Global Warming Political Cult would have you believe that the Sun is so constant that a small change in a trace gas called Carbon Dioxide will somehow super-heat the Earth. 

   But, that fallacy is not the One Fact under discussion here – we are talking about Sunspots.  A lengthy explanation may be found in an article I wrote about the subject (click the link below):


  In the last three cycles, there has been a declining trend in Sunspots.  This has not happened since the early 1800’s and it is an indication that we may expect a general cooling of the Climate for the next 30 years or more.  The cooling is in fact already underway, but it is being hidden by Global Warming Politics (by methods I have described in previous One Fact posts), for obvious reasons.

   I have been telling this story for many years and I encourage you all to research this further.  The internet has made us all Sherlock Holmes – capable of intense investigation and analysis to uncover the truth.  Don’t just believe me.  Please look it up!

  To get you started, I quote a recent article about the subject (click the link below):


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