Three Hundred Graphs say “Global Warming” is Bogus

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   A recent article at Climate Depot has painstakingly assembled almost 300 graphs from Peer-reviewed scientific research that disprove the Man-made Global Warming Myth.   Click the following link:

Three Hundred Graphs

   Climate Depot is a project of the Center For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and is edited by Marc Morano, a steadfast Champion of the Truth about the Climate Change Myth.  I saw him and many other respected authorities speak at a Conference in Houston. My attendance there was a part of my multi-decade research of this subject.  I introduced myself and briefly encouraged Marc to seek out and inform Texas Governor Rick Perry who was also there.

   I mention this not to brag – but only to impress my audience that I am not just repeating talking points like Al Gore, but rather I have been actively involved in research and discussion about this.

Ex Scientia, Veritas


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