Steve’s Cover Letter

Steven Blake Campbell

My Résumé <—is at this link.  You will need to contact me directly for the password.  Just click the “Contact” button at upper  right for email.


I am a Geophysicist with decades of experience.  I have been directly involved with sales, field research, data acquisition, processing and quality control. Software instruction, technical writing, marketing presentations and client interaction are also among my strengths.

Click the links for detailed summaries:

Writing Portfolio

Sales, Promotion and Marketing experience

Processing, Survey Design and Quality-Control experience.

Field Work experience

Navigation and Navigation Data Processing experience

I also performed a great deal of seismic modeling – finite difference, ray tracing, attribute analysis, source modeling, e.g.  I wrote prototype programs that expanded capabilities when in-house software was left behind by the increasing complexity of seismic operations – accommodating multi-vessel acquisition and/or simultaneous sources for research projects, e.g.

Assignments varied, but I would estimate about 10 years involvement in management.  Management of an onshore dedicated design group was one example.  I was the project manager for an extensive feasibility study for PEMEX on Cantarell Field, Mexico’s largest oilfield, at the time.

Myself and a colleague were founding user/developers of both MESA and OMNI survey design software and I have made use of both frequently since then. I am of course, quite proficient with MS Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint, etc.

I have field experience with land cable (Sercel, IO e.g.) and land node (SGR,  e.g.) systems, as well as marine telemetry systems.  I have worked with data from those and marine streamers and fiber-optic permanent installations.  I have designed surveys for all those and marine nodes, as well.

My health is excellent and I am currently swimming over one mile per day.  My personal record for one swim session is 100 laps (2.84 miles) in  2 hours and 50 minutes on January 28, 2018.

I hold a Class A CDL with Haz-Mat, Tanker and Double/Triple endorsements.  I have approximately 134,000 miles of over-the-road tractor-trailer experience.  I underwent offshore safety training (Marine Survival – Survival Craft / Suit – HUET, MSTC)  in 2001

I am fluent in English and Spanish and have some familiarity with French and Russian.

I would offer this article in particular as an example of my technical writing:   Changing Energy Use in the United States   You will find that and a collection of travel and science articles at this website:

I can be available at short notice.  Any reasonable remuneration will be accepted.  I would accept a temporary or short-term position.

Remote or overseas assignments for long periods would be quite acceptable. Just get me home every once-in-a-while.  Travel is no problem.  I have travelled extensively in South America and I hold a current US passport and Brazilian visa both of which do not expire until 2022.


Steven B. Campbell

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