Steve’s Cover Letter


I am a Geophysicist with extensive experience.   Your  Indeed posting for a Seismic Data Analyst is a close match to my skills.  The salary quoted will be acceptable. There are links below to more detailed descriptions of my experience.

My Résumé <—is at this link.  If I have not sent you the password already, you will need to contact me directly with bona fides.  Just click the "Contact" button at upper  right for email.

I can work on any basis that suits your needs.  It can be contract or consultancy, part time or full time, hourly or salaried.

Click the links for detailed summaries:              WorldMapAssignments3

Writing Portfolio 

Field Work

Processing, Survey Design and Quality-Control 

Navigation and Navigation Data Processing

Sales, Promotion and Marketing

My health is excellent and I am currently swimming over one mile per day.   I am fluent in English and Spanish and have some familiarity with French and Russian.  I have traveled extensively in North and South America and somewhat in Europe and Asia.  I just want some honest work.  Please give me a chance.


Steven B. Campbell

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