Steve’s Cover Letter


I am a Geophysicist with extensive experience.   For well over a decade and a half I worked in the PGS Global Geophysical Support group.

Seabed! – I am well-qualified for your position for Geo Support Specialist – Please let me hear from you!  

CGG! – My qualifications match your position of Support Geoscientist very well – please let me hear from you!

PGS! – Your position of New Ventures Geo is also a good match (as you already know).  There is also that agency job (Senior Geophysicist) for an unnamed company.  The software titles give you away!  I know it’s PGS and you know that  is the job description I had before my last promotion – I wonder why I don’t hear from you.

SAExploration! – I am more than qualified to drive your Vibrator! – Please contact me!

Bell Geospace – You well know I could do that job. Please stop ignoring me.

All of you!  –  Just click the “contact” button at upper right On This Very Page – it’s not that hard!  😉

See links below for more detailed descriptions of my experience.

My Résumé <—is at this link.  If I have not sent you the password already, you will need to contact me directly with bona fides.  Just click the “Contact” button at upper  right for email.

Click the links below for detailed summaries:             WorldMapAssignments4

Writing Portfolio 

Field Work

Processing, Survey Design and Quality-Control 

Navigation and Navigation Data Processing

Sales, Promotion and Marketing

My health is excellent and I am currently swimming over one mile per day.   I am fluent in English and Spanish and have some familiarity with French and Russian.  I have traveled extensively in North and South America and somewhat in Europe and Asia.


Steven B. Campbell

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