Field Work

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For Geospace, I built large all-terrain vehicles and mobile drill rigs.

At Western Geophysical I took an assignment in Venezuela.  The position involved on-site data processing at the field location – a leading-edge innovation at the time.  I was also expected to train client personnel to operate same.  The training was carried out in Spanish, as one might expect.  The project was on the northern slope of the Andean mountain range as it passes to the South of Lake Maracaibo.  After a year there, we were transferred to Eastern Venezuela near Maturin.  There, we participated in one of the first 3D Projects in South America.  Then another Andean project was undertaken and we moved back west to the borderlands of Lake Maracaibo.

After several 2D jobs, there came a transition zone 3D project on the Eastern shore, near Ciudad Ojeda.  For this project I was sent with some surveyors to the Western Atlantic which was acquiring a marine survey in the Eastern part of the Lake.  There we were trained to deploy Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) receivers with radio navigation positioning (Sercel).  We then used this experience to deploy hydrophones with 30-foot shallow-water “navigation boats”.  The phones were then connected to a Sercel land data acquisition system that had been “hardened” (I helped in that) to survive shallow marine environments.

I was transferred to the Marine side back onboard that same Western Atlantic.  There, I processed the seismic data, while also managing the receiver positioning and real-time coverage calculations.

From there, I went to the Altiplano in Bolivia (elevations 3500-4000 meters) where a regional 2D Vibroseis survey for Phillips Petroleum was underway.  There, I handled the vibrator similarity (“vib-sims”) tests, the preliminary processing of the seismic data and scouting for and processing of the refraction seismic data.

For Grant Geophysical, I scouted jobs in Venezuela and was in the field for start-up operations in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and the US.

At Petroleum Geo Services, I spent little time on field parties, but traveled internationally (Norway, Italy, England, Singapore and Mexico) for client project conferences, conventions and instructional presentations.

In during the “crash” in the Seismic Industry, I drove 18  wheelers (53 foot reefers – Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner – 8/10 speed manual, 134,000 miles OTR) in 44 States and Ontario.  I spent 7 weeks living in the truck to get one week off.  So, do not call me a “desk-jockey”!

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