4 thoughts on “Neptune, the Farthest Giant

  1. After my own involuntary separation from PGS, I️ decided to go back to school for my masters degree. Just finished up a course in planetary science and find your articles far more interesting than the lectures from my class!


    1. Heather,
      I am happy to hear of your interest.
      Forty years ago, I wanted to be Carl Sagan, but I found that they already had one. So, I found a job in Seismic. Over the years at PGS, I managed to convince them to pay my way to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference a few times. Room and board was on me, and I used my vacation time. After all, I said, we are studying a planet. It just happens to be the one we are standing on. And, they bought that!

      If you are still in Houston, don’t miss it. https://10times.com/planetary-science-conference
      I am sure you will get a good rate as a student. It’s a lot like the SEG and lasts a full week. The tech sessions have a high yawn factor sometimes, but a few really stand out. There are poster sessions,too. The best part is the guest speakers. John Young (Gemini 3 & 10, Apollo 10 & 16) was there one year and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17) another.

      Hasta Luego,


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