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This is the first in a series of reviews of videos from that far-off land called “The Past”.  Many are so ancient that video recording was something only television technicians could accomplish with machines that were either fixed on studio shelves or took two people to carry into a room.  These products are mostly the result of “film crews” that were later edited and transferred to video to be broadcast over conventional TV.  Eventually some of same became VCR or Betamax tapes and later, DVD’s.  Now they are found as streaming video on the internet.

Other reviews will be about more recent stuff.  I won’t review much that costs money to watch – mostly because I don’t have much money, just now.


In 1978 James Burke, a Professor of History, (AKA a “Futurist”) embarked on a TV Documentary series called “Connections”  Before that (if you are as ancient as Your Humble Narrator and were watching British Television) you will remember him as the go-to commentator for the Apollo missions to the Moon.

This is the link to Season One – Episode One:

Burke exhibits a small electro-mechanical device and tells you that is caused a major social upheaval in 1965.    Thus. begins an examination of our lives as dependent on the inventions and innovations that we all take for granted.  Back in time we are compelled – to examine the History of Technology.

I’ve seen interviews with Burke who explains that he likes to circle around and tie the narrative back to the beginning.  He did such a good job of this that I was a devoted fan back when these documentaries first appeared.  He would also leave a “hook” for the next episode, so  watch for that.

The link above takes you to a free viewing of the first episode.  You’re on your own from there*. 😉

Quote: “If you understand something today, that means it is already obsolete.”

P.S.  Watch for “Signs of the time”:  Smoking on an airliner.

*Here is a clue to the full series and the subsequent sequels:


The sequels disappoint and the disappointment increases with time:

 “Connections 2 was a set of half-hour programs somewhat along the lines of Connections, but with a shotgun approach. The half-hour format reminded me of a girl in high school who suddenly discovered that she had just typed several pages singly spaced, when they should have been doubly spaced. To remedy the situation, she grabbed her eraser and proceeded to erase every other line. Connections 2 was thus interesting only if you took the time and had the knowledge to fill in the holes.”

“After the Warming”

Unfortunately, Burke was lured over to the “Dark Side” (Global Warming) and produced an Apocalyptic prediction in 1990 called “After the Warming.  The fact that Burke is not a Scientist becomes blatantly obvious as he poses as the 2050 version of himself looking back on the post 1990 disaster.  If you have the patience to watch him miss the mark completely, you will be amused to note the tremendous horrible events from 1990 until today (2017) that DID NOT HAPPEN.  This s the sort of Hell-Fire climate predictions that have for too long been swept under the rug in the last few decades – because they do not fit with factual reality.

Hasta Luego,


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