Ninety Percent of the World’s Glaciers are GROWING

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Ninety Percent (90%) of the World’s Glaciers are GROWING

  You have undoubtedly read or heard the panicky, desperate, shrill complaints that “the glaciers are melting” and we need to live in caves and eat organic lettuce to save them.

The warnings are false.  The panic mongers are lying to you.  They like to say that Antarctica’s glaciers are shrinking.  They fail to mention that is only the case on the Antarctic Peninsula and some islands.  They also fail to mention that there is volcanic activity that might account for that.

The opposite is the case in remainder (a very large remainder) of Antarctica.  What you have not heard is that the ice cap there is growing and has been for thousands of years.  That ice cap contains and feeds 90% of the world’s glaciers.

This conclusion is based on 16 years of measured observations (not computer models or “projections”).  The source is NASA.


Qualified statements, expressed in percentages seem to be a complexity that is beyond the panic mongers.  They must have “blanket”, all-or-nothing declarations.  So, in that spirit, the truth is this:

   “The Glaciers are GROWING!” 


  1. Antarctic Glaciers:



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