The hottest years were in the 1930’s

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That’s right!  The hottest year in the U.S. was not “this year” as you may have heard (over and over) for the last 10 or 20 years.  The hottest period since 1880 was the 1930’s.  The Goddard Institute for Space Studies, at Columbia University decided to “adjust” the historical record so they could talk about “Global Warming”.  The graphs below show the U.S. Temperatures Before (left) and After (right) the “adjustment”.  I found several such “adjustments” to temperature records in my decades of research.  This is just One Fact, but I will no doubt post others. – Steve 


Please be aware that these two  graphs are allegedly of the same dataset until 1998!

What happened is that somebody decided that all those people looking at thermometers, back over all those years, were wrong.  This is not the way “Science” is supposed to work.

Update 10/06/2019:

Screen grab from Our World in Data
Notice that the heat wave of the 1930s is confirmed, as well as the cooling in the 1970s that prompted the “New Ice Age”” hoax. Our World in Data

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