Near Earth Asteroids – 2021 AH

Posted January 4, 2021

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It happened yesterday and you missed it completely!  An asteroid passed way inside the moon’s orbit – about 5 Earth diameters away.  Called 2021 AH, it was discovered only this (new) year!  These things can sneak up on us all unbeknownst, sometimes.

It is bigger than the building you park your car in, and probably made of solid rock.  It is traveling at a speed that would make its impact the equivalent of an atomic bomb. 

Don’t worry, though.  It missed by 41,641 miles – a bit more than five Earth diameters.

And if I tell you that this happens like every six months or so, I am sure you will be comforted and re-assured.  😉

2021 AH

Hasta Luego,


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