Uber Alley – The Artyard

February 22, 2021

A lot of Houston passes me on my random-walk car journeys around the City and the surrounding lands.  The new phone has refused to allow me to transfer photos off of it as a USB device with another drive letter – like the previous phone did so handily.  So, I resort to a ridiculous method of sending emailed attachments to myself on the phone and receiving same on the computer.  It works.

I have passed this art storage area once and missed the chance to take photos.  I found it again and I know where it is now.    Probably they have security cameras, but I have decided not to publish its address because the place looks vulnerable.

The abstract conductor very much resembles an abstract cellist I have seen on public display near Jones Hall, I think.  The Charlie Chaplin – stretch version – seems to be about 20 feet tall.

 The many busts in this second photo resemble some similar art you might see off US 59 southbound .  I saw a block-sized green low-rise building near here, with bars on the painted-out windows, that was labeled as “Studios” – I don’t think they meant apartments. That may be associated with this place.  Are these works produced on speculation (and awaiting sales) or were they commissions that are not yet emplaced?  No idea.

Hasta Luego,


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