Urban Astronomy  April 19, 2022

Venus is the “skymark” for a collection of planets in the morning sky. 

  Look East before dawn to find Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn lined up in the Southeast.  Jupiter is the lowest in the sky and second-brightest.  A bit higher is Venus – the brightest by far with Mars next and then Saturn.  See the sky chart below for reference.  If you print it out, the best way to use it is to hold it with “East” at the bottom and face East. 

Figure 1:  Skychart for April 19th from Heavens-Above.com

Don’t imagine that these planets are actually anywhere near each other. The diagram below should give the reader the “Big Picture”. The positions of the planets (including the one you are standing on). Figure

Figure 2: Yellow lines depict the “lines of sight” from an observer on Earth to the four planets. To give scale: The line from you to Saturn is almost a billion miles long.

Skymaps from Heavens-Above.com  

Solar System diagram from NASA Small Body Database Lookup

Ex Scientia, Trivia!


Urban Astronomy  April 19, 2022

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