Urban Astronomy – Jupiter and Venus – just after sunset

Mars, the Moon and Constellation Orion, too.

Revised for March 4,5 – 2023

The night sky is pretty much a mystery to most City Dwellers.  The glare of city light drowns out all but the brightest stars – and planets don’t do much better.  If you are interested, I can tell you where to look to see these far-off worlds.  If you were not interested, you would have stopped reading after the first sentence. 

If the sky is clear, you will find Jupiter Venus the Western sky just after sunset (1). If you manage that, have a look near overhead at Mars (2), the Moon (3) over to the East and for Extra Points, the (4) Constellation Orion. Please see revised chart for March 4, ’23, at 6:30 PM,below

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