We were Geophysicists and Geologists – looking for Oil and Gas and we found it…a lot if it.  As the supply expanded, the price dropped and the need to look for more reserves disappeared, along with my career of 35 years.  I was not ready, mentally, emotionally or financially, to retire.  I searched for jobs for the better part of a year and came to the following conclusions:
I won’t find a job as a Geophysicist.  Decades of experience will not help find employment for me.  I am over forty 😉 and  – despite Equal  Employment disclaimers  – I will not find a professional position as a contractor or employee.
There was one possibility.  I was offered training to become an over-the-road truck driver.  It will be hard.  It will take me away from home for months at a time.  I will live in a sleeper berth of a truck cab and eat truck stop food.   I will tell you right now – it does not pay much.
Why do this?   Because I have to do something and this was more challenging and interesting than wearing a blue vest and saying, “Welcome to Walmart”
Now, when I ask myself, “What do you think you’re doing?”  I can only come up with one answer:  Going Walkabout.