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Three Hundred Graphs say “Global Warming” is Bogus

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   A recent article at Climate Depot has painstakingly assembled almost 300 graphs from Peer-reviewed scientific research that disprove the Man-made Global Warming Myth.   Click the following link:

Three Hundred Graphs

   Climate Depot is a project of the Center For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and is edited by Marc Morano, a steadfast Champion of the Truth about the Climate Change Myth.  I saw him and many other respected authorities speak at a Conference in Houston. My attendance there was a part of my multi-decade research of this subject.  I introduced myself and briefly encouraged Marc to seek out and inform Texas Governor Rick Perry who was also there. 


   I mention this not to brag – but only to impress my audience that I am not just repeating talking points like Al Gore, but rather I have been actively involved in research and discussion about this.

Ex Scientia, Veritas


One Fact – Sunspots

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   The Sun is not a featureless orange disk.  At least, it is not yet.  But it will be soon and that will change things, here on Earth.


   It is a mistake to ignore the Sun, as any beach-goer who has fallen asleep can tell you.  To say that we take the Sun for granted is a big understatement.  People do not think much about the sun because they see it as constant and unchanging.  The Global Warming Political Cult would have you believe that the Sun is so constant that a small change in a trace gas called Carbon Dioxide will somehow super-heat the Earth. 

   But, that fallacy is not the One Fact under discussion here – we are talking about Sunspots.  A lengthy explanation may be found in an article I wrote about the subject (click the link below):


  In the last three cycles, there has been a declining trend in Sunspots.  This has not happened since the early 1800’s and it is an indication that we may expect a general cooling of the Climate for the next 30 years or more.  The cooling is in fact already underway, but it is being hidden by Global Warming Politics (by methods I have described in previous One Fact posts), for obvious reasons.

   I have been telling this story for many years and I encourage you all to research this further.  The internet has made us all Sherlock Holmes – capable of intense investigation and analysis to uncover the truth.  Don’t just believe me.  Please look it up!

  To get you started, I quote a recent article about the subject (click the link below):



Australian Weather Bureau makes an Adjustment

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This is one of the many “adjustments” I found had been done to temperature data.

“The Australian Bureau of Meteorology declared 2013 the hottest year on record.”

But we find out later (graph below) that they took a cooling trend (blue) and turned it into a warming trend (red) …

“…This is significant. The Bureau now admits that it changes the temperature series and quite dramatically through the process of homogenisation*.

I repeat the Bureau has not disputed the figures. The Bureau admits that the data is remodelled*.”


Aussie_Temp_Fake.png*Those are just two examples of the way they spell in Britain and Australia.  Many non-English-speaking countries adopt the same for their English writing.  I put up with that for 17 years while working for a Norwegian Company 😉 -Steve

The last 10,000 years were warmer than Today

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   A bit more than ten thousand years ago, a “Glaciation” ended and the climate warmed significantly.  Since then, the global climate, while fluctuating, has been warmer than today’s temperatures. How do I know?

 Well, there was a great scientific endeavor called the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP) that core-drilled the continental ice sheet to produce a sequence of cylindrical chunks of ice that were sampled for oxygen isotope ratios which are dependent on the temperatures when that ice was first deposited as snow. Later, of course the snow was compressed into ice. Those readings indicated a clear record of temperature changes over many millennia. This is what is called a proxy and it is an accurate one.  These data have been confirmed by other such studies in other parts of the world.

There were three upward fluctuations that peaked at (roughly) 1000, 2000 and 3300 years ago that today are called the Medieval, Roman and Minoan Warm Periods, respectively. There were two major downward fluctuations, one after the Roman Warm Period and one after the Medieval. The latter is referred to as the Little Ice Age. In all of the 10,000 years of the Holocene there were cold fluctuations (one at 8200 years ago) but never such an extended cold period as the Little Ice Age. Today we live in another warm fluctuation that is cooler than the Medieval warm period. It is cooler than the Roman Warm period by about another degree Celsius. The Minoan Warm period was warmer yet. Please see figure A.  I should add that those warm periods are confirmed by historical accounts.


Figure A:  (upper graph) Greenland ice core temperature proxies for the last 10500 years

The lower graph is a proxy measure of Carbon Dioxide concentration.  But, that is another fact.